SOCIAL MEDIA How to Use Messenger Without Facebook

Just because you’ve sworn off Facebook doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of all Messenger has to offer! These simple steps will have you using Messenger in no time at all, without starting a Facebook account.


Why Use Messenger?
Facebook Messenger is now one of the biggest messaging platforms worldwide, with over 900 million users worldwide.

Much of the app’s popularity comes from Facebook’s ongoing insistence that it be a separate app (you can now no longer access messages through the Facebook mobile site). So, one motivation for using Messenger is that it’s highly likely most of your friends are using it as well!


If that’s not enough to convince you, facebook message without being friends and Messenger is also evolving far beyond just another way to chat with your friends. In fact, recent updates and upgrades to Messenger are making it obvious that it is slowly becoming a powerful multipurpose app.


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